Salvation Army receives $15K gift in Danville kettle

Published 2:30 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2020

With a goal of $100,000 to be raised for the local Salvation Army Red Kettle Drive, things were not looking good. Christmas was just a few days away, and the total stood at just over $52,000.

But everything changed Monday night, when someone put a very generous check in the red kettle at Danville Kroger. The check, which came from a private citizen, was in the amount of $15,000.

Lt. Lindsey Galabeas, core officer of the Salvation Army in Danville, said the gift was incredibly generous.

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“I personally feel so very blessed that seeing our need, these individuals found it in their hearts to give to us so generously during this season. The need is great, and these angels have gone above and beyond to help meet that need and make a difference in our five-county service area (Boyle, Casey, Garrard, Lincoln, and Mercer Counties),” she said. “When I found out about this extremely big-hearted gift, I was blown away and immediately remembered to thank God. He provides each and every year—one way or the other—through His servants in our communities.”

Now, with the gift, the kettle drive stands at $67,865.98.

“We are getting there,” Galabeas said.

The Red Kettle Drive is the Salvation Army’s only large public fundraiser, and if the goal is not reached, Galabeas said it could have an impact on programs. Earlier this season, Galabeas said the Salvation Army is considering additional fundraising activities on top of the Red Kettle Drive to get closer to the funds needed to provide those programs.

Anyone interested in donating can do so at a number of local locations, including Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Kroger, as well as others. Gifts can also be made online at and click on the “donate” button.