We still need Green Light Initiative

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Many thanks to the Advocate for reminding us of the Green Light Initiative begun by the City of Danville following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Our community needed a way to respond to the virus and this initiative in its own small way provided the opportunity for such a response. Citizens went to City Hall and bought the green light bulbs, took them home, and lit their porches with the color green for compassion. A good offshoot of those purchases was that the money raised from the sale of the bulbs  went to certain non-profits in the community. Danville also shared the bulbs with Perryville and Junction City.

As we move into a new year, our community faces an ever expanding need to show compassion as the virus affects more friends and neighbors daily.  While the vaccine is becoming available slowly but surely, we need to continue to wear masks, wash hands, stay home as much as possible, maintain social distancing. And we need to keep the green lights glowing to remind us how much we care for our community.

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One of our porch light bulbs burned out and we replaced it with an LED bulb. This bulb glows more brightly, shines over a wider area, and lasts longer.

We need this Green Light Initiative for the long haul.

Anne Ferguson