Thinking Of Putting Flowers Indoors? Better Check These Indoor Plant Recommendations

Published 8:44 pm Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Putting flowers indoors has been going on for many decades. It makes the room look more elegant. It also uplifts the mood and brightens up even the gloomiest days. Nature should also be felt indoors and it is not everyday that we will have the luxury to go outdoors just to look at plants. 

We subconsciously want flowers in our homes as it beautifies the room and purifies the air. To achieve this, we listed indoor plants with flowers that you should consider to have in your homes and offices. 

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is an easy to maintain plant and is commonly used as an indoor plant. Its dark green leaves and its white flower is good for your home and your office as well. Aside from its beauty, it is the top indoor plant for cleaning air. Peace Lilies can neutralize toxic gasses such as benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. 

Drawing from this fact, peace lilies are a good choice if you are thinking about purchasing your next indoor flower. It is extremely low maintenance, it can also last for a year with the right conditions and right care. Peace Lilies are planted during early summer. It is also a tropical plant that requires indirect sunlight with moist soil. 


Orchids are popular house plants. Aside from making the house look beautiful, it doesn’t need a lot of care as well. It is easy to grow. While other plants only survive within the week, orchids can survive from two to three months. Their life span can also extend with proper care.

There are other reasons why orchids are good plants with flowers that can be grown indoors. They are versatile, meaning orchids have several colors to choose from that could fit your other house decorations. Aside from being a good decoration, it could also be great for your health. Flowers can trigger happy emotions and could bring positive energy to your household.


Amaryllis is an easy plant to take care of yet it has its exuberance and elegance. It is strikingly beautiful and it could level up your house interior design.

This plant has tall spires with dramatic and big flower heads. It could also make your indoors feel fresh with its delicate fragrance. In addition to that, it comes with a range of colors that could fit your current household decorations. Amaryllis is planted in the last quarter of the year, from October to December. It is a good way to aid your winter blues. 


Roses are good indoor plants as well and are one of the most popular flowers. Roses are gifted to those beloved and are used for courtships, celebrations, and anniversaries. This flower reminds us of romance. Its bright red flowers can now be placed indoors thanks to research on its care. Whether you just bought the roses for yourself or it was given by your beloved, you can put this plant in a vase for a while. 

When deciding on placing your roses indoors, be reminded that this flower needs specific conditions in order to survive. It needs extra care if you choose to use this as your indoor decoration. 

Nevertheless, you can never deny its sophistication. It is highly used in french aesthetics and having this in your room will make you feel classy. Maybe it’s extra care is worth it after all?


Abutilon, also called Flowering Maple, is also a pretty exuberant looking flower. Its pink, red, and yellow blossoms can catch the eyes. This is also a flower that thrives in a tropic and subtropic kind of climate and it would hardly survive  in the cold. 

This one is for people who are not afraid of extra work when trying to imitate the right condition for this plant indoors. It is extremely beautiful and can truly brighten up your indoors. With the right care, this flower can last for years. 

Christmas Cactus

This flower can thrive even though you ignore it. It is a popular house plant as it is easy to grow and when it blooms, they produce colorful, tubular flowers. This flower, unlike other cacti, grows in tropical settings. Its care is not like the other succulents, it needs frequent watering. Nevertheless, this plant is still low maintenance.

This flower can be placed on your windowsill. It can also be good to place it in your study/work table as it is small and cute. Putting indoor flowers is one of the ways to make your house cozier. These plants will turn your house into your home, your safe haven.


There are various kinds of flowers that could cater to your needs. Better get your indoor flowers now and put an extra positivity to your everyday. You will be surprised on how such a little addition to your room could make the biggest difference. This could level up your lifestyle. Be like those elegant people who would want fresh flowers wherever they are. Visit your local flower store to uplift your day.