Petition seeks to prevent zoning change

Published 3:27 pm Friday, January 22, 2021

An online petition is being circulated in Danville to prevent a Future Land Use Map and zone change on Ky. 33 to allow a Dollar General Store and a possible small residential development.

According to the petition, “The FLUM change is from agricultural to Multi-Use Residential which means they can build complementary residential, retail, office or public space on it. While this is only five acres, it is opening the door to more commercial changes on the FLUM and zoning.”

Danville/Boyle County Planning and Zoning Director Steve Hunter explained in an email, “The project is a 5-acre tract on Shakertown Road and is proposed a Dollar Store on approximately 2 acres. The site plan shows no apartments, no low income housing, no access into Streamland, etc.  The zone change is Agriculture to General Business (Commercial) to accommodate a small retail business.”

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There had been some confusion about a possible residential development behind the proposed Dollar General Store which was based on a story published in The Advocate-Messenger on Dec. 24.

On Thursday, Hunter said the story should have made clear that the proposed amendment to the Future Land Use Map and subsequent zone change, if approved, was only for the retail business and not a residential development.

He said the site plan shows a new road that “could possibly go cross country toward Streamland.”

He added, “There are no plans submitted that shows any street extension beyond the connection to the Dollar Store parking lot. And clearly there is no physical point into the Streamland subdivision road network a new 50-foot right of way and pavement could connect.

“But the field between Streamland and this development could clearly be more future development. That is the nature of a new street that stubs into a vacant farm tract, but at this point the project is just a Dollar Store.”

According to P&Z’s Future Land Map and zone change staff report that was released on Wednesday, the developers, “have submitted the following Development Conditions as part of their submitted Future Land Use Map Amendment Zone Change Request to show proposed use is compatible with existing surrounding development:

1. The Property will be limited to one Shakertown Road (KY-33) access point. The location and configuration of said Shakertown access point shall be coordinated with the Planning Commission and the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

2. Applicant agrees that the total commercial retail store area (footprint) shall not exceed thirteen thousand five hundred (13,500) square feet. No building on the property shall exceed two (2) stories in height.

3. All utility lines shall be located underground. Applicant agrees that this property shall be connected to public sanitary sewer.

4. The Property will be developed in compliance with the Subdivision Regulations of Boyle County, Kentucky.

5. Street lighting for single and/or multi-family residences will be provided by uniformly designed lighting poles of composite material or metal.

6. The exterior of all buildings shall be constructed using at least fifty percent (50%) brick, stone, hardie board, masonry, dryvit material, or some combination of those materials. The exterior of all buildings on lots immediately adjacent to Shakertown road shall be constructed using at least seventy-five percent (75%) brick, stone, hardie board, masonry, dryvit material, or some combination of those materials. All driveways shall be paved.

7. Applicant agrees to install a twenty (20) foot wide vegetative landscape buffer on the eastern property line and maintain a twenty (20) foot wide natural buffer on the southern property line. All existing trees located on the perimeter of the development along the southern property line which have a caliper of eight (8) inches or greater and which are located within 10 feet of the property line will be maintained during development and construction on the Property.

8. Applicant agrees to a maximum one commercial monument type sign not to exceed a height of 10 feet.

9. The Applicant agrees no adult entertainment as defined in the zoning ordinance shall be allowed on this property. No automobile services, petroleum services or repair businesses, self-storage units or packaged liquor sales shall be allowed on this property.”

Hunter said his office has received more calls about people not wanting commercial growth on the North side of Danville than they have about possible residential development in that area.

There are several other P&Z amendments and rezoning requests being heard during public hearings on Wednesday, only two of which concern the Dollar General Store’s FLUM amendment and zone change request.

Mike Perros has also filed a FLUM amendment and zone change request for 19.46 acres at 2356 Perryville Road. The FLUM amendment is to change the property from Agriculture to General Business then rezone it from Agriculture and Single Family Residential to General Business.

LMD Holdings LLC has filed an application to rezone 30.76 acres at 1695 Lancaster Road from Agriculture and Highway Business to Light Industrial; and Jeanne Daniel-Hester has filed an application to rezone 3.2 acres on the South Danville Bypass from Agriculture to Highway Business.


The public hearings will be 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 27 at The Showroom, located at the corner of Lebanon Road and the Danville bypass.

There will be room for up to 200 people to attend and adhere to COVID-19 restrictions.