Democratic Party believes in socialism

Published 8:40 am Wednesday, January 27, 2021

George Orwell’s novel 1984, a warning about a dystopian world where authoritarians are able  to control the population by use of technology, is no longer fiction – it’s at our doorstep. In a  chilling and frightening secretly recorded video, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “We have deleted one account, but this will go long into the future.” Translation: we have been able to silence  the President of the United States, but soon we will be silencing anyone who opposes our path  towards socialism.

The Democratic Party of today is obviously allied with the media and mega wealthy big tech  globalists, because they believe in the same thing – socialism. This is not the Democratic Party  of even four years ago. The classic liberalism of the party’s past actually believed in free speech. Not anymore. Using COVID as an excuse to spy on you and control you, the far left  Democratic Party of today is on their way to the lockstep single party control they seek.

Socialism and communism are branches of the same tree. In the socialist/communist mind, there can be no higher authority than the State – so they must tarnish and destroy anything that  competes for state supremacy. This includes religion, a nation’s traditions and culture and any  competing idea. Rather than allow debate, which comes from “irredeemably” evil people, they  demonize and silence opposition. That is why socialists tear down statues, “cancel” opposing  voices and downplay Christmas and Thanksgiving. These threats to State supremacy must be  diminished.

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Biden, who was not required to take a position on the issues by his allies, the media, has since  elected, and moved quickly to satisfy the far left. The left, which already controls the media  and education, is moving towards even more control of your life. They will move to control  energy production and your healthcare – and every aspect of your life will be overseen by  government – because you are a simpleton, and they know better than you.

AOC, who used to be far left, but is now becoming orthodoxy in the Democrat Party, is already  making us aware that there will be a new government agency to identify and eliminate any voices that they deem “untruthful”. Government and its allies, the media globalists, will decide truth.

History is full of great civilizations that have gone with the wind. Ronald Reagan was a visionary  when he said, “the extinction of freedom is never more than a generation away.”

Eben D. Henson