“Thankful for capitalism, not socialism”

Published 3:58 pm Thursday, January 28, 2021

I appreciated reading Mr. (Eben) Henson’s remarks regarding 1984, and the “utopia” being created ostensibly by a socialist government.

As Chuck Schumer said, “We’ll win Georgia, and then change the country.” Politicians are becoming more open about what they want to do, exactly! Socialism doesn’t work as has been shown by the failed USSR, the failing countries in South America, and elsewhere.

Communism has never really been tried they’ve tried to tell us, but when I was in the Navy you sure could have fooled me; the “commies” were our foes!

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I agree with Mr. Jensen about the technology giants like Twitter, Google, Facebook; and who else? Yes, they are watching you, aren’t they?

One little thought I’d like to leave. Like everything else in America these tech giants run on money. Is money not the fuel that runs our economy? What happens if Americans stop using the resources these technological entities provide? And if people stop using them what benefit would it be to advertise using these platforms?

It’s kinda like what I think may be happening with the NFL and the Super Bowl. Many people watch the Super Bowl just to see the ads. I wonder why Ford isn’t going to advertise there this year? If they don’t have money, what happens to their ability to control people? Especially if there are no people to control; thankful for capitalism, not socialism.

Jeffrey L. King