How Does a Smart Home System Work and Created?

Published 9:37 pm Thursday, February 4, 2021

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If offices and factories are now automated, wouldn’t it be cool if homes would adapt to this automation trend as well? That’s something that pro-digital people would most likely ask themselves. One way or another, they would surely have this lingering wish within themselves that things at the house would just automatically activate by themselves, with little to no human intervention at all.

Though still not a widely affordable setting as of these days, Smart Home Systems are now built for the very elite and the very rich. With such a system installed in their homes, maids, errand boys, and house cleaners are no longer needed. Instead, what those homeowners hire from time to time are those technicians that can fix the digital equipment that governs the everyday chores within the house.

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To truly discern if the designed AI system is up to its promises, hiring a QAwerk company that specializes in software testing services should be commissioned as well. Such companies are sure to be equipped with QA services that can cater to any inquiries a customer may come up with.

How Does a Smart Home Really Work?

The most popular example of a Smart Home is probably the one owned by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates. As one of the richest persons to ever walk this planet, Mr. Gates has fashioned for himself a mansion so automated that upon entry, your identity will be registered in a computerized system that keeps records of all visitors, including the very owners themselves.

Whatever your habits or action patterns inside the house may be, the computer would remember it and unleash that information whenever necessary. For instance, if you have chosen a certain TV channel, or have listened to a particular band or artist while inside the house, the computer would load a certain song or video playlist for you, whenever you get to visit the house again or enter the living room at a given occasion.

In addition, your trips to the bathroom or any other room will have data-storage acts that accompany it as well. So whenever you enter the room to take a bath, the computer will remember your preferred water temperature, lighting sets, and whatever configuration that you find comfortable.

While these are among the smartest features that The Gates’ Mansion has to offer, they are not the only features of the rich guy’s domicile. His house is probably the most high-tech residence on the planet, and how it works can be basically understood because of the existence of the following:

Motion Sensors

They are light-sensitive detectors that can figure out if something is moving. Such electronic devices are very prominent in automated security systems because they can easily figure out if something or someone is trying to get into places where they shouldn’t be.

Facial Recognition Systems

They are AI systems that can scan a person’s face, record the contours of that face, and match it with incoming facial data in the future. With systems like this, doors, and even devices will just open or get activated by themselves without any human activity at all. This is by far the best security technique ever employed that requires no need for human security guards.

Biometric Scanners

They are scanners of some bodily traits like fingerprints, voice, and retina patterns. They are the best means of identifying and verifying the identity of someone – if he or she is a bona fide authority inside the facility or not. Facial scanners may also belong to this category.

How Are Smart Homes Designed and Built?

The best smart homes today, like the one owned by Bill Gates are already designed from the ground up, so it will be a high-tech living place once it’s finished. But some smart homes are just typical houses at first, which got transformed into smart residences later.

The process basically starts by knowing about the homeowner’s goals: Is it for security? Or for convenience? Those are often the questions to be dealt with since the most affordable smart homes today are mainly built for either security purposes or for the sake of making things easier around the house. If the owner chooses one of the 2 or both of them, the contractor or engineer will then design the system and list down the specifications that fit the owner’s needs.