Local Girl Scouts begin selling cookies

Published 1:00 pm Thursday, February 4, 2021

Boyle County’s Girl Scouts got their delivery of pre-orders on Jan. 29 and will set up booths at stores beginning Feb. 6 at Kroger and Pet Sense.

Melanie Tackett, a past unit service manager over the troops in Boyle County, said the girls will need to wear masks at the booths and hopefully gloves while they handle money.

“They’re really looking forward to the booths,” she said. “Of course, we haven’t really been able to meet, so they’re having a blast doing Zoom meetings every week and still doing badge work and doing their cookie badge work over the Zoom meetings, so they’re adapting really well.”

From left, Alia Lamar, Greta Hess, Mary Marzec and Addie Marzec sell cookies last year at Wal-Mart. – Photo submitted

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The first shipment arrived at the basement of the Advocate-Messenger, as the Girl Scouts have used the dock there for cookie deliveries for the last three or four years, Tackett said. The initial shipment was much smaller than usual, about 150 cases of cookies compared to last year’s more than 600 cases.

But the Girl Scouts are to receive new shipments about every week, Tackett said. Because cookie sales at booths halted in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the girls were left with leftovers, which Tackett said businesses around Danville stepped up to buy, the initial order of cookies was small this year in case sales would need to come to a halt again.

“We’re really hoping that this year we can go through with it and sell all the way till the end of March, which is what we usually do,” she said.

Pictured is Riley Leber selling cookies last year, before the pandemic brouhgt sales to a halt. – Photo submitted

There have been far more online sales this year so far as well, Tackett said. There are now lower shipping fees, which has been helpful during the pandemic, she said. The option to order cookies online but have a girl deliver them if a customer is in the area also exists and is something the scouts have been doing for the last couple of years, Tackett said.

“It has picked up during the pandemic, and they’re excited — they love selling cookies, so really no matter how they sell them, they’re really excited,” she said with a chuckle.

This option is especially useful if a customer knows one of the girls, if they are family or friends. But even if a customer doesn’t know one of the girls, they can contact Tackett, who can arrange for a girl to deliver cookies to the customer.

Tackett said people can contact her at 859-209-0057 or scoutchef224@gmail.com to ask about cookie sales.

Visit this link to search by zip code to find out where and when cookie sales are in the area, or to learn more about Girl Scout cookies.