What will it take to fix the streets?

Published 10:42 pm Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I write this to second the notion from a frequent letter writer a few weeks ago; the streets of Danville are PATHETIC! I believe I could say more about this, but keeping it short will be hard.

There is the infrastructure the roads are part of, and what does this consist of in Danville? It seems to me someone is trying to make America Third World in nature, and Danville is leading the way. I don’t know a lot about Third World countries, don’t want to. The closest I’ve been, from what I understand, is Tijuana, or Ensenada in Baja California with maybe one of two other little places there. That isn’t quite Third World, least not any more, but getting around was much harder than here, in the 80s.

I digress; wondering why the streets of Danville have been allowed to become so shoddy, I have come to a conclusion, and it and it ain’t  pretty.  Repairing roads takes money being allotted by the city. The money has been there. What has it been given to?

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We have the walking trail around town that we see a few using; kids on machines. And who can forget that million dollar warehouse!?

I am running out of space, but this master plan wants to increase the population drawing people here to live, and visit because Danville has such a lot to offer! And what will be one of the first things any newcomer will remember? More than likely the rough terrain by the way of streets. The city is separate from infrastructure repair? What does it take to fix that?

Jeffrey L. King