Should We Still Invest In Commercial Signs Today?

Published 4:41 am Monday, March 1, 2021

Image Credit: Pixabay


You can never go wrong in putting up signage for your business. Although it’s considered a traditional form of outdoor advertising, its effectiveness is unarguable because even today, it can still grab the attention of many. In fact, there have been several modifications and improvements done to enhance signages lately which means that such advertising form still works. A lot has been put up in order to reach their target audience without having to invest in pamphlets and fliers or even hiring a salesperson to personally approach passersby. Indeed, business signage still remains the superior method of brand promotion to ever exist.

In today’s digital age, do we even need outdoor signage?

Yes, we may be in an age where technology has taken over most of the outdated methods that were adopted for many years, however, this does not mean we have to entirely eliminate such especially when it’s still proven to serve its function effectively. Regardless of whether businesses choose to incorporate technology into their marketing approaches, it’s no doubt that signage strengthens the identity of your business and enables cooperation within your team.  It reflects the philosophy and values of your business and provides a glimpse of the type of employees the customers are going to encounter upon entering the establishment. It’s the small things like the signage that may seem insignificant to many but brings a huge impact on the business. 

There are many more reasons to consider having business signage. You may be worried that it is behind the times. Worry not because it is guaranteed to be effective for many years. We have compiled a list of the benefits that you will be gaining from installing signage for your business.

So, what are the advantages of signage?

One of the biggest advantages of signage is the effect brought by its visual appeal that will encourage you to avail of the services or products being offered. Aside from reflecting its business philosophy and values, it also tells of the journey without personally narrating it. It also helps the business stand out especially when located in an area full of competitors. However, this will be impossible if the target type of audience is not reached which is why coming up with a signage design would require hours of brainstorming and longer decision-making. Once you come up with signage, it becomes part of your business’ identity. This will also showcase the creativity and innovativeness of the business depending on the type of signage they put up.

Brand exposure is one of the most important characteristics that is needed to be accounted for in keeping a business successful. The signage assists in amplifying your brand and providing it with a purpose. Moreover, it also gives a sense of assurance to potential buyers because when they see your sign, they can immediately describe the products and services you offer are legitimate and not questionable. How you design your sign will also enable different emotions. If your signage leans more on the more formal and sophisticated look, then people will have the impression that the business deals with formal matters. Today, overcluttered signage automatically means that the concept is not well-thought and the members are disorganized. That is why minimalism is applied even in the signage industry but this does not necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to a number of styles. If your business is focused on the food industry, then you have to choose details and images that will spark hunger from your target audience. Your signage should have a unique style that is distinct from the others if you’re aiming to attract customers effectively.

The psychological and social effects of signage

There are also psychological effects your signage can bring to your customers as there are cases where people visit certain shops because they can recall the sign or they felt they have previously purchased there when it’s their first time. As previously mentioned, signage can evoke emotions from potential buyers, thus, words placed on the signage should be those that can elicit the right kind of emotional response or influence their buying decisions. 

From the economic perspective

Business signage is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools out there because it already does silent promotion for you. Investing in the right kind of materials, deciding on the material type and what details to put would definitely prevent you from excessively spending on other advertising tools just to publicly inform everyone of the existence of your business. You don’t have to allot more time checking the number of people who have seen your online or newspaper advertisements. Moreover, there is no expiration date for signage because it’s permanently installed outside or inside your establishment as long as placed in a strategic area where everyone can take notice. 

For communication purposes

You don’t just make signage for your business for the sake of identity rather, you have a message that you wanted to convey. Whether it is to inform people about your business values or share information with the type of services you provide, you have signage as an effective avenue to convey these messages. But you need to remember that not every detail has to be included in the signage because people do not have the luxury of time to read all the details which is why as much as possible, include only the most important information such as business hours, address of your site, short slogan or tagline, and name of your business. 


Business signage is undeniably still effective as you can observe almost every business establishment has it. There are many more benefits than just those listed in this article. However, producing one for your business is not a piece of cake, if that’s what you’re initially thinking. It entirely depends on the type of business you are having and you have to incorporate those details into your signage. You also have to experiment with the different materials that would be suitable for your establishment and other characteristics such as durability and affordability. For your signage needs, you may visit and they’re ready to assist you anytime.