Easy-Care Plants: Best Flowering Plants You Can Grow at Home

Published 7:54 am Friday, March 12, 2021

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Want to know one secret to have an instant, attractive and beautiful home? Plant some flowering plants! Not only will their pretty and colorful blossoms add to your yard’s overall aesthetics, but planting can also give you a hobby that you might just enjoy. Ah, but you might be thinking, “aren’t all flowers very time-demanding? Plus, they need to be taken care of 24/7.”

Wherever you might have heard that, it’s not entirely true. Sure, other types need your watchful eye every so often, but believe it or not, others are also easy to care for. You just need to know what these easy-care flowering plants are and how to properly grow them to see the most out of their beauty when it’s time to bloom.

Below is a list of flowering plants you can grow at the comfort of your home and some tips on how to take good care of them.


The sturdy, green stalk topped with big and bright blooms of an amaryllis plant easily attracts an audience. Besides that, it is instantly appreciated even by those who are not really enthusiastic about plants. If you want a plant that can grow indoors and gives a splash of color even on dark winter days, amaryllis is a good choice.

There are actually different types of amaryllis you can choose from, and all of them have their unique beauty. You can go for something pure and white like the Athene or something that radiates power and passion, like the cherry nymph with their red blossoms. Or, you can go for green like the evergreen variety.

To plant the bulbs indoors, provide them with good potting soil, then only water them at first when the topsoil looks dry. If you see a stem sprouting, you can water them regularly. They also like to be placed in areas with bright, indirect sunlight. If you live in places with USDA hardiness 9-11, you can replant it outside your garden after the plant is finished blooming.


Begonias are also excellent, low-maintenance plants that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Their cute little blooms can add a pop of color to the shady areas of your garden. Like the amaryllis, they also come in different types, but the most common are wax and tuberous. Some also prefer to buy the angel-wing varieties because of their attractive foliage.

For it to bloom well, it will need some sunlight, but do not put them in areas where the light is direct and harsh. If you want to plant them outdoors, it is best to place them in areas that get partial or filtered shade, like under thin tree canopies. If indoors, try not to put them in windows that get harsh light. Begonias like to be kept moist, too.


One of the easiest flowers to grow. That’s maybe why sunflowers are among the most favorite plants grown by gardeners in almost every state. Once established, you can enjoy the sight of their bright yellow blooms in your garden, mostly during summer until early autumn. 

Sunflowers like it best when exposed to full sunlight and aren’t picky when it comes to soil types. They can also tolerate some drought, but of course, they will bloom best with deep and regular watering. 

Interesting fact: you might notice that the flowers seem to follow the sun. Indeed, they do since they are heliotropic flowers.


This warm-weather annual plant blooms from spring to fall and comes in shades of orange, red, yellow, gold, and sometimes mixed. You can get many benefits when you plant marigolds, and one of them is that they grow quickly from seed, so you’ll have them blooming in your garden in no time. They can also be grown indoors during the cold months. 

Aside from those already mentioned, they are especially tolerant of heat and drought and attract beneficial insect pollinators like bees, butterflies, and the like. You can plant them almost anywhere, but preferably in places where they can receive sufficient sun and in well-draining soils. Most pests hate the scent of marigold, so if you have a veggie garden, they can be a great companion to keep bugs out

Peace Lily

You might have heard about peace lilies but in a different name: closet plants. They are so named because they are one of those popular houseplants you can place inside your home or office since they do well even in the shadiest areas. When you have one in the room, they brighten up space with their elegant white leaf-like flowers and dark, green leaves.

You don’t need to water this plant on a schedule. Simply check the top of the soil if it is already dry. They also do not require much sunlight, so you can just place them anywhere in your home. 


Planting flowers in your garden need not be a frightening experience. Sure, it requires you to be a green thumb, but being one is a skill that you can learn along the process. You can start planting flowering plants that are easy to care for, like the ones mentioned above. The satisfaction and happiness you can get are matchless once you see their very first bloom.