Reader has suggestions for stimulus money article

Published 5:04 pm Monday, March 22, 2021

I read Shawn Dobbin’s article on stimulus money (“Honoring God with your stimulus money”) online. I think they did really well showing some smart ways to use your stimulus money. However, I have two issues with the list. First, I feel the order of the ways could have been better.

Specifically putting “Give to your local church and to Kingdom purposes” second. While I am in no way saying this is not a valid way to spend extra stimulus money, I feel the other ideas for spending that come after are more important in the current state our world is in. Second, I feel if you want to honor God with your money you are not limited to giving money to your church, as there are other charities that really need support right now such as the Red Cross. Overall, I think the article provided good ideas on how to best use your stimulus money, I just had a few nitpicks.

Noah Sherman
Acworth, GA

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