Pets of the week: Oreo and Chewy

Published 9:55 am Wednesday, March 31, 2021



This week our featured pets are Oreo and Chewy, two adoptable dogs available through Home To Home™.

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Home To Home™ is a unique, direct-to-adopter program for pet owners looking to re-home their animals. It reduces animals’ anxiety by keeping them in their home, plus it gives potential adopters a chance to learn more about the animals directly from the people who know them the best.

Since launching the program on Feb. 1, DBCHS has helped 17 dogs and cats find new homes without ever stepping a paw into the shelter! Now let’s see if we can find homes for our Pets of the Week, Oreo and Chewy.

Oreo is a 10-year-old terrier mix looking for a calm and quiet home. As a distinguished dog he prefers to be with older people who will give him time to warm up to them. He will make a good companion for someone with a low-key lifestyle.

Chewy is a 4-year-old neutered coonhound mix. This handsome guy gets along with cats, dogs, and children of all ages. Chewy loves to run, play and snuggle with his people, especially the small humans in his family.

Visit for more information, and to contact Oreo or Chewy’s current home. You’ll also find more cats and dogs looking for a new home.

Wondering if Home To Home™ is for you? Here’s what Lindsey had to say about her recent experience (lightly edited for clarity):

“The program was great. Such a brilliant, innovative idea that makes perfect sense.

Rehoming him instead of taking him to the shelter was an answer to prayer, literally. It was hard enough losing my dad, then losing our cat, and knowing we needed to let go of him too. Taking him to the shelter didn’t feel like something I could do, but I wasn’t finding a home for him on our own.

Within a week of him being posted, we had three people ask to see him. I didn’t know the people personally that adopted Gordy, but through Facebook, I discovered that someone I do know in Danville knows them and was able to vouch that they’re great people. I could also tell when I met them.

I already have a backup of a person in Stanford if this couple ends up needing to return him to us. Also why I appreciate this program- knowing it works out all the way through to the end by them having my contact info, and agreeing to return him to us if it doesn’t work out.

I have already recommended this program to someone looking for a pet. I hope more shelters will begin using this model, which is in the best interest of all parties involved, especially the pet.”

The Danville-Boyle County Humane Society is a non-profit 501 (c)(3)  established in 1972 to promote companion animals’ humane treatment through sheltering, adoptions, community education, and spay and neuter programs. Home To Home™ is one example of our commitment to using the best available technology and evidence-based practices to help the people and pets in our community.