Hints from Heloise: Spring cleaning

Published 10:00 am Sunday, April 11, 2021

Dear Heloise: As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found spring cleaning to be more difficult. At one time I could sail through my little home and have it over within a weekend. Now, however, I do one room a month. I’ve also gotten less fussy over my home as far as cleaning goes. I’ll clean the windows and baseboards, shampoo area rugs if they need it, wash curtains or blinds, and vacuum all upholstered furniture, then polish all the wood furniture. Since I live alone, my home stays clean 99% of the time, and I have time to do the things I really love doing. — Elaine V., Ocala, Fla.


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Dear Heloise: I went to a “dressy” afternoon tea recently, and instead of buying a whole new outfit, I took a pretty cream colored cardigan I own, removed the plastic buttons and sewed on some sparkling buttons instead. I had an ivory colored silk flower that I pinned at the neckline and wore it with a navy blue pencil skirt, navy heels, (both of which I already had in my closet) and some sparkling earrings. I got so many compliments on my outfit that afternoon. I think sometimes we just need to reevaluate what we have and figure out how to dress it up with a simple, inexpensive makeover. — Kay S., Rutland, Vt.


Dear Heloise: I’ve worked as a plus-size model for the last six years, and I’ve seen how dressing can help flatter a full-figured woman. Here are a few hints:

• Stay away from over-sized clothing or anything that looks like a tent.

• Wear the right undergarments that smooth out lines and support your figure.

• Wear heels rather than flats with your skirts and dresses.

• You don’t have to wear dark colors. Use the same color top and bottom to achieve a slimmer look. Hem lines at the knee or a little lower.

• DON’T wear tight clothing. It will only make you look larger. No large prints below the waist.

• DON’T forget your makeup. Accentuate your eyes or lips or your hair using current trends. — Ashley G., Dallas, Texas


Dear Heloise: I love reading your column and have found a number of ideas very useful. Now I have a hint for you.

I buy ice cream cones with the flat bottoms and fill them with potting soil. I take seedlings and plant them in each cone to get them started. When it warms up outside, I plant the seedlings, cone and all, in my garden. The cone provides a little food for the plants, and it makes planting simple and fairly clean. — Ruby J., Donora, Penn.


Dear Heloise: I hated running back and forth from the house to the detached garage when unloading groceries. Then one day I saw a little red wagon at a garage sale and got an idea. I bought the wagon, and now I load it up with all sorts of items when I’ve been shopping. No more four and five trips out to the car to get things! — Ellen A, Fort Wayne, Ind.


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