Boyle swim, dive teams win regional titles

Published 11:57 am Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Boyle County High School’s girls’ swim and dive team won its first regional championship, and also its first combined team regional championship. The boys’ team also won a regional championship this weekend, which is the boys’ fifth title. In addition, the boys’ 400 free relay team, made up of Creed Farthing, Campbell Coyle, Alex Lockhart, and Clark Coyle, broke school and regional records. Riley Cerqueira broke the 100 free record, and the boys’ medley broke school and regional records. That team features Creed Farthing, Corbin Coyle, Campbell Coyle, and Clark Coyle. Campbell Coyle was also named male swimmer of the meet.

Boyle swim and dive coaches show off the regional championship trophies won by their teams over the weekend. – Photo submitted

Overall scores

Top 16 results from Regionals

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• 200 medley relay girls – Cora Gilbert, Riley Cerqueira Kate Hoffman and Whitney Bean 1st

• 200 medley relay boys- Creed, Corbin, Campbell, and Clark 1st, (broke the school record and the region record)

• 200 free girls – Nancy Haddad – 7th, Sophia Fogle 10th, Abigail Heath 13th

• 200 free boys – Creed Farthing 1st, Alex Lockhart 4th, Ethan Gover 8th, Andrew Lockhart 15th

• 200 IM girls – Isabella Spencer – 14th

• 200 IM boys – Corbin Coyle – 4th, Max Germann – 7th

• 50 free girls – Riley Cerqueira – 3rd, Abigail Heath 6th

• 50 free boys – Campbell Coyle – 1st, Cole Craig 8th,

• 100 fly girls – Kate Hoffman 2nd, Whitney Bean – 8th

• 100 fly boys – Clark Coyle 4th, Alex Lockhart  – 11th

• 100 free girls – Riley Cerqueira – 2nd (broke school record) , Cora Gilbert – 4th, Sophia Fogle – 8th

• 100 free boys – Campbell Coyle 1st (broke school record),

• 500 free girls – Nancy Haddad – 6th

• 500 free boys – Clark Coyle 1st, Ethan Gover 5th,  Ayden Bianchi 10th, Ben Gilbert 12th

• 200 free relay girls – Cora Gilbert, Whitney Bean, Sophia Fogle, Riley Cerqueira – 2nd

• 200 free relay boys – Ethan Gover, Cole Craig, Alex Lockhart, Corbin Coyle – 4th

• 100 back girls – Cora Gilbert 1st place, Kate Hoffman 2nd, Natalie Spencer 14th

• 100 back boys – Creed Farthing 1st, Cole Craig – 8th, Ben Gilbert 9th, Max Germann – 12th

• 100 breast girls – Isabella Spencer 6th

• 100 breast boys – Corbin Coyle 2nd, Ayden Bianchi 10th

• 400 free relay girls – Abigail Heath, Nancy Haddad, Sophia Fogle, Kate Hoffman – 4th

• 400 free relay boys – Clark Coyle, Alex Lockhart, Creed Farthing, Campbell Coyle – 1st (broke school and region record)

• Diving girls – Cameron White 4th, Maggie Cerqueira 5th, Halee Shepherd 6th, Tiffany Couch – 8th

• Diving boys – Grant Carlsen 7th, Ben Reynolds 8th, Jackson Thornberry 9th, Sterling Farmer – 10th