Sports Quotes of the Week

Published 4:41 pm Monday, May 10, 2021

Quote of the Week: “I really do believe Kentucky football is at the point where there ain’t no jokes any more. Days of jokes about Kentucky football are over. Look at the last couple of drafts and I think we will have more (draft picks) next year. We ain’t going to take a backseat to no one,” UK recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow on the future of UK football.

Quote of the Week 2: “They have been instrumental in the building of this program from day one, and they deserve a lot of credit for the success that we’ve experienced. They are dear friends who I’ll miss. I am grateful for the impact they’ve had on my life, which is bigger than basketball,” Illinois coach Brad Underwood on former assistants Orlando Antigua and Chin Coleman after they took jobs at UK.

Quote of the Week 3: “You have to have patience. When I was a younger coach, I’d lose my mind on players. That doesn’t make you better. You have to give players information. You have to have a relationship with every player on your roster. If you don’t, it doesn’t work,” Kentucky volleyball coach on how he’s changed as a coach.

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