Democrats are ‘pandering’ to the masses

Published 2:09 pm Monday, May 17, 2021

Has anyone ever asked those who make over $400,000 whether they want their wealth redistributed, i.e., by overtaxing their paychecks, so luxuries can be given to lower earning people? Yes, luxuries, like child cares, 12 weeks of paid leave, free college and forgiving school debt.

It is understandable to feed the poor and help them with medical care, but there is no reason why they should be provided with luxuries. A high school teacher told my classmates and me many years ago that one-third of the people work to support the other two-thirds. It is true and it is NOT right!

Of course two-thirds of the population are for redistribution. They are the ones receiving, NOT the ones paying! Of course two-thirds of the population was for the COVID handout of $2 trillion. There was that $1,400 check they wanted. Nevermind that so many people didn’t need that handout.

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Take for instance those of us on Social Security – we had not missed any work and we had not missed any money. My checks went straight into the bank and will remain there. I can see helping those who are truly in need but let’s be honest, the government doesn’t have a clue about how to do that NOR do they really want to do so.

Is it even a surprise though that these handouts are being pushed right and left since all the Democrats ever want to do is raise taxes? The bigger the handout, the more likely people will vote for the Democrats. This is vote-buying courtesy of the tax payers who have no say in what is done with their money and it isn’t right.

Who is going to pay for all this redistribution of wealth? Does anyone even care that the taxes are paid by one-third of the high earners and they have absolutely no say in this? Those people worked to earn the right to do what they want with their money and have the luxuries they want.

The lower earners (or in most cases, the non-earners) didn’t do any work to get the money that belongs to others, but, no matter. The masses want the money that doesn’t belong to them and the Democrats will do their best to try and deliver so they can keep pandering to the masses. That’s all the Democrats know how to do anyway.

And here is the really stupid part. The Democrats actually think that by taxing rich people and corporations and giving it to the poor that they will somehow bring us to this socialistic utopia where life is equitable for all. What hogwash!!

They should know the corporations will just raise prices on goods and services. Then the poor get to pay more for the same stuff. You know what that means? Inflation. And the last time I checked that never worked out well for anyone.

Michael Porter