Pets of the week: Kittens Wilbur, Charlotte and Fern

Published 10:56 am Monday, May 17, 2021

Our Pets of the Week are three darling kittens: Wilbur, Charlotte, and Fern. They found themselves without a mother and are currently living with some foster rockstars.

Because kittens have weak immune systems, they are susceptible to illness and premature death in a shelter setting. Living in a home keeps them healthy and provides opportunities for socialization while they get big enough to be spayed/neutered. Plus, we get to learn about their unique “purr-sonalities” from the people they live with.

We’re grateful to our pawsome foster family, who provided us with an update on the Charlotte’s Web trio.

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“Wilbur is a big boy; he’s gotten kind of chubby. He loves his little red ball, and he carries it everywhere with him. He always, and I mean always, is ready to play. When he’s sleepy, he makes the cutest cuddle buddy. He’ll also let you hold him like a baby, and he’ll fall asleep in your arms. He gets along well with our dogs.

“Charlotte is the princess of the three, and she’s a very neat kitten. If her brother is playing, she loves to run and tackle him. Charlotte isn’t a huge fan of the dogs, but she’s learning to like them. She also takes good care of the runt of the litter, Fern, who I’ve nicknamed Scruffy.

“Fern/Scruffy is the sweetest thing. Most of the time, she likes a nice long nap, but when she has the energy, she will play. She loves her little mouse toy. Sometimes she sleeps with her mouth open to breathe a little better. Most importantly, Scruffy loves other pets.

“She’s always wanting to follow the dogs around and get them to play or snuggle. She wants to befriend my older cat, but she’s grumpy and old and keeps her distance from Scruffy. Scruffy is very easy to get along with as she always wants human attention, even when you’re giving her meds. Lastly, Scruffy thinks she’s a parrot and will climb on your shoulder.”

It seems like our foster might have a favorite out of the three kittens – we won’t tell anyone if you don’t! The Charlotte’s Web kitties will be available in a couple of weeks once they’ve been spayed/neutered. If you’re interested in adopting, save time and complete an application online:

Fostering is a fun way to save lives without a lifetime commitment. DBCHS is actively seeking fosters for needy animals who require home care: register to be an emergency foster at

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