Boyle County property transfers, May 17

Published 8:30 am Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Deeds filed recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

• Banks Properties LLC to Unity Baptist Church, property on Center Avenue Drive, $150,000.

• Harmon Properties LLC to C. Alex Montgomery, property on Rowe Street, $250,000.

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Dakota T. Good, as attorney in fact for Ethan Burton, to C. Alex Montgomery, property in Hillcrest subdivision, $165,000.

• Danville Historic properties to John E. and Jane C. Pappas, 13.18 acres in Boyle County, $520,000.

• Mary Ann and William P. Brown to Justin Roger Engell, property on Hardee Street, Perryville, $165,000.

• Kenneth Dickey to Mark and Dawn Curtsinger, two tracts on Webster Road, $170,000.

• William C. and Patricia C. Hundley to Chad D. Pinkston and Loucinda K . Russell, property on Neild Road, $79,200.

• Kyle Bottoms to Forrest L. Lewis and Stephanie R. Coffman, property in Caldwell Manor subdivision, $159,000.

• Samuel Rexford Daugherty to Shawn and Lora Malloy, property on Gwinn Island Circle, $75,000.

Dr. Mykol C. Hamilton to Thompson Legacy LLC, property on Harding Street, $60,000.

• WM Builders Inc. to David and Dawn Camic, property on Lisa Avenue, $85,000.

• Rose L. Grider, through Daniel Campbell as attorney-in-fact, to Debra L. Brock, property in Waveland Townhouses, $140,000.

• Jerry D. Barbour, as executor of the estate of Larry M. Barbour, to Kay T. Pender and Lynn T. Tye, property in Streamland subdivision, $220,000.

• Phillip J. Clarke III, as executor of the Anne Dooling Clarke estate, to David Rogers Clarke, property on Boone Trail, $170,000.

• Henry Lutes to The Lodge LLC, two parcels on East Second Street, Perryville; fair cash value of interest conveyed, $30,100.

• Loretta and Buford Edwards to Martha Green, property on Kentucky Avenue, Junction City, gift; fair market value, $56,000.

• Alice M. Simpson to Rita Phillips, property on Duncan Hill, $3,000.

• Mercedes and Howard E. Hall to Ricky Edward Denny, property on Cloverdale Drive, $165,000.

Eagle Point Property Management LLC to Camron M. Franklin, three lots in Lakeside Development, property transfer; fair market value, $107,000 each.

• Cynthia G. and John H. Lacy to Spencer and Shilpa Larkin, property on Lexington Avenue, $530,000.

• Robin S. Burger, Tammy Burger, James L. Burger, Jeffery S. and Trina M. Burger, to Robin S. Burger and Tammy Burger, property on Johnson Branch Road, $4,500.

• Jeff and Judy Sparks to Cortney and Kenna Hand, 135.13 acres in Boyle County, $151,536.