Help Kentucky lawmakers act on climate change

Published 9:45 am Wednesday, May 26, 2021

In response to “Our elected officials must take action on climate change – here’s how.”

First, “Wow.” The highly-credentialed authors of this opinion piece have really gotten a lot of message out in a few words about why carbon pricing is so important.

However, I am equally aware that for some, seeing credentials or the word “professor” brings to mind arrogant know-it-all elitists who should mind their own business. I get that. I know plenty of colleagues who totally come across as lecturing and detached.

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I would encourage A-M readers not to automatically dismiss everything that comes from an expert. These MDs and PhDs may have gone to school for a lot of years, but that doesn’t make them evil. After all, what is the big money doing these days?

Hedge funds can’t even keep up with all the investment money flowing into sustainable technologies that address the climate problem. Why? They see risk, and so should you.

When a doctor, an economist and a banker agree on something, you can believe it.

People may only know about Danville from the song by The Band, but I know Versailles, Kentucky, first-hand, and its proper pronunciation. I care about all of America.

Help this group bring Kentucky’s congressional delegation along on climate change action.

Gary M. Stewart

Laguna Beach, California