CentreWorks looking for Hub store memorabilia

Published 9:00 am Friday, June 4, 2021

News release

CentreWorks, located on the third floor of the former Hub building at the corner of Main and Third streets, is going to be a “creative environment for today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurial, social, civic and community leaders to learn, collaborate and innovate,” once the renovations are completed.

And the design firm for the space wants to be reflective of the community, as well as the building’s history.

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One way is to show what it represented to those who worked and shopped at The Hub, so the designers are hoping to display “artifacts” or memorabilia from people who have ties to the space. Even their stories can be used as part of the design.

Jenn Ahnquist, owner of Jennifer Marie Designs, who is working on the project, said they are searching for items such as The Hub Department Store shopping bags, business cards, fliers, advertisements and even the iconic brass pneumatic tubes that were used to send shopping transactions to the business office instead of using a cash register.

If people don’t want to donate their items, Ahnquist said she could take photographs of them.

To contact Ahnquist with any items concerning The Hub, you may email her at: jennifermariedesign@gmail.com.