Septic care workshops offer financial assistance opportunities

Published 10:11 am Wednesday, June 23, 2021


News release

In partnership with the Local Health Departments, Bluegrass Greensource is offering free Septic Care Workshops for residents to learn how septic systems work and how to properly maintain them to prevent expensive repairs and keep our local waterways clean. Residents in the Clarks Run and Hanging Fork Watershed areas may qualify for financial assistance. Information and applications will be provided at the meetings. There is a workshop opportunity in Boyle County on June 26. Check out Bluegrass Greensource’s site for more information and registration:

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Boyle County Virtual Septic Care Workshop

• Saturday, June 26, 9:00-10:00 a.m. via Zoom, register for the link

Workshop participants residing in the Clarks Run and Hanging Fork Watershed areas are eligible to apply for funding assistance including a cost-share grant for septic system repairs/replacement, or a free septic tank pump out (a regular maintenance task that is recommended every three to five years).

A failing septic system can require expensive repairs, pose a serious health risk to family and neighbors and have negative impacts on water quality in local waterways. Leaking/failing systems deliver raw sewage into our watersheds, endangering people and livestock in the area with increased bacteria, or E. coli, inputs into waterways. There are many serious health issues that can occur from coming into contact with untreated septic waste. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your system working efficiently and preventing risks of costly failure.

This program, funded by a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency through Kentucky Division of Water, focuses on water quality improvements in the Clarks Run and Hanging Fork watersheds, encompassing portions of Boyle, Casey, and Lincoln counties. Be sure to attend a workshop for more information about the program and to find out if you are eligible for financial assistance. Residents do not need to attend the workshop in the county they live in if another date works better. Please contact Lindsie Nicholas at with questions.

Tips for Protecting Your Septic System:

• Arrange for a system pump out every three to five years

• Use water efficiently to reduce strain on the system

• Don’t pour chemicals and non-biodegradable materials down drains or into toilets

• Flush only sanitary waste

• Do not flush garbage (floss, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, etc.)

• Reduce or eliminate use of garbage disposals

• Choose low-phosphate or phosphate-free detergents

• Avoid driving heavy equipment, including vehicles, over the system and drain field

• Redirect surface water flow away from your system’s leach field.

• Keep records of septic system pumping and maintenance, including a map of septic system and drain field locations