Motorcyclists should be aware of grass clippings, vehicles

Published 12:40 pm Thursday, July 8, 2021

I was just perusing through old letters online when I came across one written, by two local law officers concerning grass clippings and motorcycles.

They mentioned area homeowners who leave grass clippings on the road, owned by everyone a taxpayer. The sentiment of the constables (perhaps they ride bikes) was sound, on its own. Motorcycles, unlike other vehicles on the road, have only two wheels that connect the rider to the blacktop. Hopefully the person who slings his foot over a motorcycle to ride is cognizant of this fact.

This means, in short, the rider needs to pay attention at least twice as much to their surroundings; above, below, to the right to the left, before and after as they cruise down a road.

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As the rider comes upon the grass clippings should not an awareness be between his ears, especially if not wearing a helmet, that the bike might slip if the slippery mess is not traversed skillfully? In other words: when anyone is riding a motorcycle it doesn’t matter how skilled you may be, or how long you’ve ridden, pay close attention, and remember no matter how small you might think a car is it is always bigger than your bike; pay attention and don’t mess with cars!

Jeffrey L. King