Senator Rick Girdler recognized as a 2021 partner for Commonsense Justice

Published 1:00 pm Friday, July 9, 2021


News release

On Tuesday, Senator Rick Girdler was recognized as a “2021 Partner for Commonsense Justice” by local business and community leaders. The award from the Kentucky Partnership for Commonsense Justice (PCJ) recognizes state legislators who went above and beyond in Frankfort to protect small businesses, healthcare providers, and schools from frivolous COVID-19 lawsuits.

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Girdler’s recognition from the group stems from his support of Senate Bill 5. The bill provides protections for health care providers, businesses, organizations, schools, and individuals who have reopened and are following recommended guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The legislation enjoyed support from a large coalition of groups from the business, medical, education, retail, and many other sectors. Senator Girdler co-sponsored the bill.

The “2021 Partner for Commonsense Justice” award was presented at the Somerset-Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce’s luncheon.

Prior to the start of the General Assembly’s 2021 legislative session, a poll conducted by the firm Mason-Dixon showed overwhelming support from Kentuckians for COVID-19 liability protections. When asked if businesses that act in good faith when reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic should or should not be provided protections from lawsuits, 67% agreed that they should while 22% did not support such protections. Support was mainly even among all Kentucky regions, age, gender, and party registration.

PCJ is a coalition of job creators, healthcare providers, small business owners, and taxpayers concerned about Kentucky’s liability climate.