Our Founding Fathers vs. Marxism

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, July 14, 2021

We just celebrated the 4th Of July – American Independence Day. It’s time to recognize and acknowledge the genius of the founding fathers.

They escaped tyranny. They thoroughly understood the danger of central government becoming too powerful. Their dream was so crazy and radical, it had never been done before – that there could be government by the people.

This nation has survived much. It has survived dissolution of the Union during the Civil War. At great cost, it has stood up against Socialist Fascism, Imperialism and Communism in two World Wars.

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The Socialist Workers Party of Adolph Hitler overthrew a nascent German Democracy and led Europe and the world into unimaginable suffering. Socialist Fascist Mussolini turned Italy to ruin.

The Communist Ideology of Karl Marx has killed over ONE HUNDRED MILLION people – and still counting. Using shame and fear as a weapon, Chairman Mao destroyed 5,000 years of Chinese culture with his “Great Leap Forward” and ”Cultural Revolution.” Tens of millions died through starvation, execution, and horrid conditions in forced “re-education” camps.

Joseph Stalin, a Marxist, purged Russia of all opposition, and murdered millions on his way to creating the Communist Soviet Union.

Marxists don’t just gain power overnight. It’s a process. They first must divide and shame the people – to make them weak enough to take down a nation and rebuild it. This is going on right now in the United States.

It’s a little more difficult to recognize today because it’s not only politicians – but in our strange new world of all powerful social media – it’s an alliance of mega wealthy globalist social media leftists, hand in hand with today’s leftist politicians. Our current weak president, who portrayed himself as a moderate, is no more than a proxy for America’s far left.

Facebook and Twitter have cancelled and silenced an elected president. The largest American teachers union, the NEA issued a statement supporting Critical Race Theory, a Marxist ruse that teaches solely because of skin color, one race is inherently more noble than another – that you are born into your station in life.

Our founding fathers were wise. They knew that with powerful central government comes the potential for great abuse.

Can the protections of the Constitution prevent government from gaining too much power? We are under attack today from American Marxists – and their flock of gullible virtue signalers.

Karl Marx said humanity’s future will be: from Democracy to Socialism to Communism. “It is inevitable and unavoidable.” He may be right. But it will be over my dead body.

Eben Henson