Hints from Heloise: Spay and neuter your pets

Published 9:00 am Sunday, July 18, 2021

Today’s Sound Off is about people who don’t spay or neuter their pets:

Dear Heloise: Once again our neighbor’s cat had a litter of five kittens. Each one is adorable, but this is not the first time this sweet mama kitty has had a litter. The neighbor who owns the cat refuses to get the pet taken care of and, as a result, we have strays all over the neighborhood. It breaks my heart when I see a tiny kitten that’s been hit and killed by a car, but that’s what happens all too often because of these inconsiderate neighbors.

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Most of the people in our neighborhood have taken in a kitten or two and care for them, but this is not the solution to this problem. I spoke to them and asked them to spay their cat, even offering to pay for it, but was turned down. They just turn these kittens loose to roam the neighborhood. We don’t have a homeowner’s association, and the police won’t do anything. Have you got any hints on how to get these folks to spay their cat? — Ellen H., Cedar Falls, Iowa

Ellen, yes. In most cities there is usually a “hotline” to have someone come out and investigate situations like this. As the pet’s owners, it’s your neighbors’ responsibility to have their pets spayed or neutered, unless they are breeders. That doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Call city hall (or in some cities 311) and find out what your rights are concerning a neighbor who lets their cat keep having litters. Then ask for help getting this situation under control, even if it means your neighbors have to pay a fine. There are enough homeless dogs and cats, and your neighbors are just making it worse. — Heloise



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Here are some gift wrap ideas:

— Use an old map, especially for a traveler.

— Use a receiving blanket for a baby shower.

— Use some leftover fabric.

— A pretty silk scarf.


Dear Heloise: After my folks passed away, in the attic I found the little red wagon my sister and I used as kids. It was in remarkably good condition, and my sister didn’t want it, so I took it home, polished it, then placed a sheet of glass over the top and had a new coffee table. Inside, laying on the bottom of the wagon, are toys we had played with and some comic books. It’s one of my favorite pieces of furniture, and I’ve even received offers to buy it, but to me it’s priceless. — Courtney K., Mobridge, S.D.


Dear Heloise: I bought my first home on my 25th birthday and went to work painting and re-wallpapering my place. I was so excited about my place that I invited my folks and my younger brother over for dinner. I realized I didn’t have any placemats about two hours ahead of their arrival. Suddenly, I thought about the dining room wallpaper, which had a plastic coating on it. I cut out four placemats from the leftover wallpaper. My mother was so impressed that I had placemats that matched the wallpaper! — Michael T., Summit, N.J.

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