Both parties involved in kennel dispute want action taken against county officials

Published 2:59 pm Monday, July 26, 2021

The Danville Police Department has determined that no charges of harassment should be filed against anyone who was involved in a disturbance following a Danville-Boyle County Board of Adjustments meeting last Tuesday evening. However, parties on both sides have contacted the county judge-executive wanting him to take action against two of the people who have been involved in the dispute over the course of time.

The latest confrontation occurred between the Boyle County Treasurer Keagan Hinkle, his father, J.B. Hinkle, Lexington attorney Richard A. Getty, and Wendy and Rodney Lanigan, owners of Parker’s Place dog kennel and grooming business, which had just received approval for an expansion project from the BOA hearing Tuesday night at Danville City Hall.

The police incident report was submitted by Sgt. Aaron Rainwater, who had sat in on the BOA public hearing for Parker’s Place, due to prior history of previous meetings that had been disturbed.

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Last week, County Administrator Julie Wagner said Boyle County Judge-Executive Howard Hunt was also investigating the incident since it involved the county treasurer, and would later make a decision if any disciplinary action should be taken.

According to a letter sent to Hunt and all of the magistrates from Getty on behalf of the Lanigans – and shared with The Advocate-Messenger, they have requested Hunt and/or the fiscal court “to take the appropriate action with respect to Hinkle to both send a message to him and to other employees that this is not the way you conduct yourselves if you are representing Boyle County.”

In another letter shared with The Advocate-Messenger, J.B. Hinkle wrote to Hunt claiming Magistrate Jason Cullen had violated the Code of Ethics with his actions and words toward the Hinkles in regard to their complaints about the location of Parker’s Place of the course of several months.

Hinkle wrote, “Magistrate Cullen is an elected official chosen to perform duties set forth by the county and state, and he is violating ethical codes with his continued unprofessional behaviors. Magistrate Cullen should be reprimanded immediately before his actions can affect other citizens. Magistrate Cullen does not know how to disagree without hostile actions taken on his part.”