Dear Abby: Roommates get snippy over canine care

Published 10:20 am Thursday, July 29, 2021

DEAR ABBY: My husband and I are newlyweds and share an apartment with another couple because we ran into financial difficulties, and this was our only option. The problem is the other couple has two dogs they expect us to take care of while they’re at work.

My husband and I get home two hours earlier than they do in the evening, and they have become accustomed to our generosity in occasionally taking the dogs out and walking them. They now expect us to do it every day, and get angry and nasty if we don’t. Please help. — IN THE DOGHOUSE IN GEORGIA

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DEAR IN THE DOGHOUSE: You and your roommates appear to have a communication problem. Speak up. Tell them you dislike their palming off the responsibility for walking their animals and you won’t be doing it anymore. Then remind them that while you were willing to do an occasional favor, you do not appreciate their attitude of entitlement. You are not their built-in dog walkers. You only have to occupy the “doghouse” if you allow yourself to be put in one.


DEAR ABBY: I have never told anyone about this. I was molested by my pastor when I was 8, and again when I was 14. I see a doctor because of depression and PTSD. My doctor doesn’t know, and I don’t want my family to know. I don’t even know if the pastor is still alive. Should I tell my doctor or just let it go? I have heard about priests doing this, but I was going to a Pentecostal church. — MALE READER IN KENTUCKY

DEAR MALE READER: It is very important for your mental health that you tell your doctor everything you have disclosed to me, because what happened to you is likely the cause of your depression and PTSD. Do this, not only for yourself, but also because it may help other young people who belong to that church and who also may have been molested by that predator.


DEAR ABBY: Is it appropriate to use dental floss in public? When my mom eats out, she uses dental floss while she is still at the table or while walking out of the restaurant. She thinks she’s being discreet, but what she’s doing is obvious.

When I ask her to stop, she says she can’t stand having food in her teeth. I tell her to go into the restroom or do it outside, but she does neither and continues to floss. I’m hoping she’ll listen to you and that you will back me up. — ELLEN IN THE USA

DEAR ELLEN: I agree that flossing one’s teeth in public is unsightly and something that should be done in private. If it becomes necessary, it should be done in the restroom. (Need I add that if there is mouth-rinsing, the sink should be cleaned afterward and any detritus stuck to the mirror removed?)


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