Woman thanks first responders for saving husband

Published 1:58 pm Thursday, July 29, 2021

I wanted to take the time to finally compose a note of Gratitude and Praise to those who were instrumental in saving the life of my husband Steve Cline.

On July 18, Steve and I stopped by the Danville Fire Department to donate leftover cupcake desserts. Little did I know that much later that night I would be calling Danville 911 and those same DFD/EMT/EMS would be at my house to assist with medical issues.

In short, Steve’s JP drain gave out and he was bleeding from his femoral artery. The EMT/EMS team that arrived were exceptional! Keep in mind I’m talking about the femoral artery, blood was everywhere…they worked together accessing the situation, applying a tourniquet, calling AirEvac for transport to  Louisville, and stabilizing him for transport. He had emergency surgery at Norton’s Hospital.

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One of the ER doctors came in a day later to check on him and told us that because of their actions, in the order they performed them Danville EMT/EMS saved his life. I’m truly lucky to still have Steve with me today, and I owe it all to our 911/DFD/EMT/EMS/AirEvac personnel.

Thank You,

Ruby Cline-Eaton