Boyle County court records, Aug. 3

Published 11:06 am Tuesday, August 3, 2021


Cases handled recently in Boyle District Court, listed by name, charge, fine and jail sentence, where applicable, include the following. Court costs also were assessed in most cases. Ages and addresses are listed if available.

• Christopher Jacob Brian McElroy, Junction City: menacing, dismissed; second-degree disorderly conduct, 30 days, probated one year.

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• Shane Paul Pickett, 45, Danville: second-degree hindering prosecution, 90 days, consecutively with all other time, credit for eight days served, remaining time probated one year.

• Brandon Scott Biggs, 40, Stanford: rear license not illuminated and possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed; possession of marijuana, 30 days, probated one year.

• Clinton Jeffery Dollar, 27, Danville: first-degree possession of a controlled substance, amended to criminal attempt, 365 days, credit for two days served, remaining time probated two years; and failure to use proper signal, no insurance card and possession of marijuana, all dismissed.

• Jeffrey B. Johnson, 23, Junction City: fourth-degree domestic assault, 365 days; second-degree criminal mischief, 30 days, concurrently, credit for four days served, remaining time probated two years; first-degree strangulation, amended to attempt, dismissed.

• Stephen Mitchell Ray, 22, Danville: second-degree burglary, amended to attempt, 365 days; fourth-degree domestic assault, 365 days; second-degree assault, amended to attempt, 365 days, credit for two days served, remaining time probated two years.

• Vinson Dewayne Whitehead, 40, Danville: DUI, $200 fine, license suspended; possession of drug paraphernalia, dismissed; first-degree possession of a controlled substance, meth, second offense, amended to attempt, dismissed; possession of drug paraphernalia, 30 days, credit for two days served, remaining time probated one year; failure to use proper signal and rear license not illuminated, both dismissed.

• David Holmes, 60, Danville: DUI, $200 fine, four days; license suspended six months; and leaving the scene of an accident and driving on revoked license, both dismissed.

• John Edward Ludi, 49, Springfield: DUI, third offense, $500 fine, license suspended 36 months, 30 days; and driving on suspended license and disregarding traffic device, dismissed.

• Valarie L. Orcutt, 43, Danville: DUI, $200 fine, license suspended six months.

• Quinterious Daquan Collins, 28, Danville: disregarding stop sign, dismissed; possession of marijuana, $200.

• James Lee Coy, 35, Stanford: possession of marijuana, $200; no insurance, $1,000 with $900 probated one year; and expired registration plates and contempt of court, dismissed.


Civil judgments handed down in Boyle Circuit Court include:

• Thomas D. Lee vs. Laisha N. Lee, divorce granted.

• Amber Shearer vs. Anthony Shearer, divorce granted.

• Christina Lee Derringer vs. Matthew Cook, divorce granted.

• Melissa Howard vs. Jacob Howard, divorce granted.

• Byrider Finance LLC, dba CNAC vs. Keontaye D. Thompson and Diamond N. Dolman, default judgment for plaintiff, $6,814.91 plus costs and fees.

• Sarah Jane Danielle Barradas vs. Cesar De Jesus Barradas, divorce granted.

• Patricia Boone vs. Leroy Boone, divorce granted.

• Mary Ellen Clara Harmon vs. Barry Allen Harmon, divorce granted.


Marriage licenses issued recently in the office of Boyle County Clerk Trille Bottom include:

• Janet Renee West, 38, disabled, and James Edward Kocher, 34, self-employed, both of Danville.

• Brooklynn Paige McKinney, 23, scribe, and Madison Clark Goodman, 23, McLane, both of Danville.

• Angel Lynn Adams, 41, nurse, and Bethanie Cherie Chilton, 31, nurse, both of Hustonville.

• Robert Carroll Gorley, 80, retired, Gravel Switch, and Elizabeth Anne Hundley, 67, retail manager, Charlestown, Indiana.

• Joyce Malinda Collins, 61, executive assistant, and Nathan Fred Collins, 49, truck driver, both of Danville.

• Lisa Marie Church, 35, disability, and Jonathan Wilson Oakley, 38, Kimball International, both of Danville.

• Jessica Rose Whitaker, 37, Meggitt, Danville, and Fabian Avila Garcia, 38, Kentucky Cooper, Parksville.

• Chassidy Nicole Leming, 29, housekeeper, and Brandon Wade Taylor, 30, maintenance, both of Danville.

• Shannon Raeanne Kramp, 23, Kroger, Danville, and Benjamin Alexander Kaufmann, 21, Kroger, Hustonville.

• Brittany Nichole Sinkhorn, 36, United Healthcare, and Joseph Isaiah Allen, 34, Davis H. Elliot, both of Danville.

• Nancy Rose Parker, 20, unemployed, and Dustin Lee Turner, 26, unemployed, both of Danville.

• Mikayla Charlize Ballard, 21, student, and Noe Ayala, 25, student, both of Lexington.

• Laura Elizabeth Kelly, 33, Montgomery County Schools, and Justin Allen Lee, 33, Nestle, both of Mt. Sterling.

• Stephanie Renee Vest, 45, housekeeper, Lexington, and James Robert Goldade, 49, truck driver, Danville.