Pets of the week: Parker and Indi

Published 3:59 pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021



This week, our featured pets are Parker and Indi, who thrived in Dogs Playing For Life (DPFL) playgroups over the weekend. DPFL is a national nonprofit organization with a mission to ensure that every dog in a shelter gets a chance to be a dog every day. According to the folks at DPFL, playing is a dog’s most natural form of positive interaction and communication with humans and dogs. Observing dogs in playgroups reveals their behavioral tendencies better than when they’re isolated in kennels.

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In 2019 DBCHS staff and volunteers participated in a training seminar with DPFL to safely offer playgroups at the shelter. Thanks to playgroups, we have seen dogs that seemed unapproachable over the last couple of years due to behavioral issues blossom! This is the case with Parker.

Parker is a sweet, submissive, and scared beagle mix with super soft ears. This young guy came from a hoarding situation and is suspicious of humans.

When visitors walk the adoption floor, Parker hides in his outside kennel, avoiding eye contact and ignoring attempts at interaction. At first glance, it seems that his fearfulness will prevent him from being adopted, but guess what? When Parker had the chance to join other dogs in the yard during playgroups, he came out of his shell and romped around with the big dogs like the pup he is meant to be! He practically grinned with delight as he chased and got chased, finally flopping down in the shade to relax.

After his play session, Parker was less stressed but still shy. Parker will thrive in a home with a confident dog who can show him that life with humans can be wonderful. His new family needs to give him time and space to open up, and once he does, he will be a loving and faithful companion.

Indi might be the exact opposite of Parker. She’s a confident, relaxed, and happy mixed-breed gal of about 3 years old.

Indi has met all kinds of people and all kinds of dogs, and she got along with all of them. Indi is what we call a rockstar in DPFL playgroups, able to handle almost anything that comes her way. She patiently tolerated bigger, more energetic dogs as they raced around her in the yard and gently corrected them when they got too sassy. Whoever makes Indi a part of their family will be rewarded with a balanced, friendly, and fantastic friend for life.

If you are interested in adopting Indi or Parker, please bring your family and pup for a meet and greet weekdays, 1 – 4 p.m. Call 859-238-1117 to make sure they’re still available, and complete an online application to save time:

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