Reader wants parklets to return to Main Street

Published 4:53 pm Wednesday, August 4, 2021

My husband and I have always considered Main Street in Danville to be one of the most charming downtown areas we have ever seen.  With specialty shops, places to eat, banks and other businesses, beautiful flowers in pots and hanging baskets, and even a church, it provides a welcoming and interesting atmosphere.

And Main Street became even nicer when the three parklets were added to downtown.  It was a joy to walk or drive past and see people eating outside, surrounded by umbrellas and flowers.  And it was just fun to eat there; our own little outdoor cafe. The “finishing touch” to an already-attractive downtown.

But now those parklets are gone.  And without them, the pretty outdoor dining areas have become just tables on the sidewalk. We read in this newspaper that the move came from a decision by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  However, we just don’t understand it!  The “expansion” part of the parklets didn’t take any more space away from Main Street than the parking spaces, and the tables didn’t prohibit pedestrians from walking past.

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Isn’t there a way that these parklets can be returned to downtown Danville?  Can our local officials be “Historically Bold” and give us back our pretty parklets?

Rita Bloom