First responders need more pay

Published 11:45 am Friday, August 13, 2021

Dear readers, Where is all the city’s money going?

The city of Danville has a great budget. They decorate Main Street yearly. They host the GABBF. They contract out fireworks, flowers, etc. My question is, why don’t they prioritize their employees?

Our first responders are making next to nothing. Police officers are risking their lives daily for barely over minimum wage. A firefighter is running into dark, smoky, burning buildings for $10/hour which is less than you make starting out at McDonald’s.

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Their city hall employees that sit behind desks every day make more!

But on top of their horrid pay and their lack of staffing because no one wants to come make that little, the firefighters don’t even have air conditioning in their station or their fire truck! The heat index this summer has reached 100 degrees. The receptionist at the fire department has gone home early because it’s too hot in the building.

But our firefighters are working 24-hour shifts and picking up overtime due to lack of personnel, and we can’t even give them air condition? The city needs to get their priorities straight fast! Otherwise all the firefighters will leave, and who will help the citizens of Danville if their house is on fire?

Scott Smith