Hints from Heloise: No more plastic bags!

Published 1:01 pm Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Today’s Sound Off is about plastic:

Dear Heloise: I’m tired of so much plastic floating in our oceans and waterways. There’s plastic trash all over this country in parks, roads and everywhere imaginable. When is Congress going to do something about outlawing plastic grocery bags?

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We have so many great minds in this country that surely we must have someone who can come up with better products that won’t harm animals, clog our oceans with plastic junk and trash our national parks and forests.

When I was a kid, so many toys were made of wood or metal. We stored food in glass containers. So, perhaps if the government offered rewards for people who invent a better idea for these things, ideas for products that break down in a short time and don’t harm people, animals or the land, we might present a better world to our children and grandchildren. — Lowell and Francine M., Fresno, Calif.

Lowell and Francine, I agree! This planet is covered in plastic garbage. I advocate recycling and reusing items all the time, but we, as a nation, are drowning in plastic. It needs to stop. I urge you to write to your congressmen and women and ask for their help in eliminating or limiting plastic usage. We are the custodians of this planet, and it’s up to each of us to take better care of our world. — Heloise


What to do with an old birdbath:

— Update it by painting it or making a mosaic with broken china or tiles.

— Plant flowers in it.

— Wrap in tiny garden lights and make a garden feature out of it.