DFD sets the record straight

Published 1:00 pm Friday, August 20, 2021

Danville Professional Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Fighters local #4587, would like the opportunity to rebut and set straight an article recently written to the Editor.

DPFF has never had any contact or any correspondence with Scott Smith and is unaware of anyone by that name that would have any intimate knowledge of the goings on at the fire department or the atmosphere/ environment that we work in.

We, as members of DPFF, do not support any claims made by Scott Smith and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions or talk about the steps that this administration has already put into place to address these issues.

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DPFF totally supports the progressive, proactive attitude that this fire department administration has taken and greatly appreciate all the support that we have received from City Hall and the City Commission. As with any large organization, change management takes time, effort, integrity and commitment.

We are confident that we have all the pieces in place to transition this department into the example for all other departments and the department all fire fighters want to work for. We have already come a long way and have many plans for the future. As always, the citizens of Danville can always depend on and expect the Danville Fire Department to be the best trained, equipped and prepared service that we have always been.

Michael E. McCurdy


Danville Professional Fire Fighters

International Association of Fire Fighters local #4587