Recycling Awareness Week

Published 1:06 pm Friday, August 20, 2021

Learn how to be a “pro-recycler”

About 80% of Boyle County residents who think they are helping the planet when they recycle their trash are not really helping at all because they aren’t recycling properly.

So, the Boyle County Solid Waste Department is having a Recycling Awareness Week Monday, Aug. 23 through Friday, Aug. 27 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the recycling center on the Danville Bypass. No appointment is necessary.

During the free event there will be tours of the recycling center for the public to see how recyclables are processed and what has to be taken to the landfill.

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And just to make it more fun while learning how to be a “pro-recycler” there will also be light refreshments and promotional items given away.

Director of Solid Waste Management Angie Muncy said, “I created this event based on the fact that 80% are not recycling properly. When you don’t recycle properly it causes contamination, and contamination means you should have just sent it to the landfill. Also, there is a lot of confusion of what is and what isn’t     recyclable.”

Muncy said she hopes individuals, families and groups come out and learn how recycling actually works. “It’s very important for people to come out because they will leave with the knowledge of proper recycling, what really happens with the recyclables and what happens when you are not recycling properly.” She added, “I want everyone to come meet the workers who make it successful and the hard work that is put into it.”

“I encourage families to come together. Our kids are our future, they are actually more advanced than we realize and this would allow them to see what is recycled, how it’s processed and shipped,” Muncy said.

Visitors will be surprised at the changes and upgrades that have taken place at the recycling center over the past two years. “They will be astounded by the great changes made. They will also learn how to be more mindful of what to recycle.”

She added, “We have a new sorting line, new forklift and new skid steer. … We have changed the way paper is being recycling by buying new carts with lids. These were purchase and placed so that paper would stay dry. Wet paper is trash, period.”

“I’m excited to show off our mobile paper shredder/grinder, which is pretty cool. It allows for anyone Boyle County to have their important documents shredded for safety.”

Muncy said, “Although I’m proud of all the new features and equipment through grants, I am most proud of our sorting line. I hope people will visit and learn what is like to work a sorting line in a recycling center.”

Muncy hopes people come out and learn to be “pro-recyclers.” She said, “A pro-recycler is someone who takes the time to find out exactly what is recyclable, who doesn’t assume that because it’s plastic it’s recyclable. It’s someone who rinses their items (ketchup and dressing, etc bottles) and keeps paper dry.

Recycling Awareness Week will end Saturday, Aug. 28, with a big recycling event from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. when Boyle County residents can bring hazardous household items such as motor oil, antifreeze, batteries, paint, pesticides, sealants, fluorescent tubes, drain cleaners, etc, to be disposed of property.

They can also bring documents to be shredded in the center’s new paper shredding system.

And to celebrate the community event, WHIR-WRNZ will broadcast live and will be serving hamburgers, hot dogs and soft drinks.