Danville to start monthly billing next month

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Effective September, the city of Danville will begin a monthly billing cycle for utilities, instead of bi-monthly billing.

“Customers have been notified via their current bi-monthly billing statement in the mail, and the city of Danville will be providing notice via social media,” Utilities Director Marshall Carrier said in an email. “This change is applied to all city of Danville utility customers.”

Carrier said the switch is based largely on customer feedback and recommendations from the city commissioners. He said the city wants to better coincide with “other typical monthly billing cycles” like electric and phone bills. This is “in hopes to allow the customers to more efficiently plan for and accommodate other financial needs in their home or business on a monthly basis,” he said.

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“We feel as though the transition will go smoothly,” he said. “We have the confidence in our utility customers to budget for a monthly utility bill moving forward much like they would other monthly bills.”

This change to monthly billing applies to all utilities listed on the city of Danville utility bills.

Carrier said customers have the ability to initiate online payments for utility bills on the city of Danville website, if desired for further convenience.

“If they have yet to set one up and are interested in doing so, the customer will need to come into City Hall and set up an online payment account to use moving forward if preferred,” he said.