Boyle schools share COVID dashboard, Danville schools release reporting form

Published 3:30 pm Thursday, August 26, 2021

With Boyle County Schools being in session since Aug. 11 and Danville Independent Schools’ first day on Tuesday, both districts are taking measures to report cases of COVID-19, as well as those quarantined due to exposure.

Since BCS has been in session for a couple weeks, they released their COVID-19 dashboard, linked on the homepage of their website, on Wednesday and also shared it to social media. It tracks cases and quarantines among students and staff. According to the BCS website, the dashboard will update in real time. The information is broken down by school.

As of Thursday afternoon, Boyle County High School among students had 21 active cases, 59 quarantined due to school-related exposure, and 24 quarantined for non-school-related exposure. It had zero active staff cases and zero staff quarantines. Cases associated with the location was 31. Total enrollment at the school is 850.

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Boyle County Middle School had, among students, 22 active cases, 84 quarantined due to school-related exposure and 33 quarantined for non-school-related exposure. Like the high school, there were no staff cases or quarantines. Enrollment is 664. Cases associated with location was 28.

Woodlawn Elementary School, with enrollment of 579, had four active student cases, 18 students quarantined for school-related exposure and 16 for non-school-related exposure, zero staff cases and one staff quarantine.  Cases associated with location was six.

Junction City Elementary School, which has an enrollment of 387, had 14 student cases, 23 students quarantined due to school-related exposure and 22 for non-school-related exposure, four staff cases and four staff quarantines. Cases associated with location was 25.

Perryville Elementary School, which has enrollment of 297, had two active student cases, zero students quarantined for school-related exposure and 12 for non-school-related exposure, and zero staff cases and quarantines. No cases were associated with location.

Additionally, there was one positive case associated with the central office/district location.

All schools were ranked yellow on the green-yellow-red scale according to Communicable Illness Intervention Plan status.

District-wide as of Thursday afternoon, there were 63 total student active cases, 291 total student quarantines, four staff cases, five staff quarantines and 96 positive cases associated with location.

BCS also decided that Sept. 3 will be a staff development day with no school for students, to enhance instruction for students as the district continues throughout the pandemic, according to the BCS website. There will also be no more universal One Call to families about positive cases in the schools. Students and staff who have been in close contact with someone with a positive case will still be notified with an individual call and email.

As for Danville schools, on the district’s Facebook page an update from the Boyle County Health Department was shared with guidance on how long to quarantine or isolate depending on testing positive or following exposure.

Additionally, Danville schools released a COVID-19 reporting Google Form on the district website and Facebook page so individuals can report staff and student positive cases or those who are quarantined due to contact tracing. It requires an email address, the name of the person making the report, name of staff or student quarantined, whether the person is staff or a student, the reason for quarantine — whether it’s because of a positive case or through contact tracing by the health department — the start date of the quarantine or the positive date of the test and which school the staff member or student is associated with. It also includes an optional section for additional information or comments.