EDP committee wants to thank loyal employees

Published 4:18 pm Thursday, August 26, 2021

‘Worker Wednesdays’ suggest honoring workers

Dear Editor,

It seems that every employer in the county – large or small – has a “Now Hiring” sign in front of their business.  Many factors – including the pandemic – have contributed to the workforce challenge we are now facing.  Our local EDP Workforce Development Committee  is tasked with addressing these barriers, and we are determined to help our employers get through this challenge.

In our meeting this week, we noted the many contributions of employees who have continued to work through the pandemic.  Healthcare workers, first responders, restaurant employees, mechanics, and so many others have helped to keep us all going.  Our committee wants to lift them up, say “thank you”, and urge all of our friends and neighbors to do the same.

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We are suggesting that our community celebrate “Worker Wednesdays” for the next several weeks.  On Wednesdays, please join us in doing something extra for those who serve you every day.  That might mean paying it forward for a teacher behind you in a drive-through, giving an extra tip to a server, taking flowers to your veterinarian’s office, or simply saying “thank you for being here” to all workers with whom you come in contact.

As our committee works to assist in filling many empty jobs, we also want to express our deepfelt thanks to those who every day make Danville and Boyle County a special community.

Jeff Jewel

EDP Workforce Development Committee

Danville-Boyle County Chamber of Commerce

105 E. Walnut St., Danville  40422

Phone (859)236-2361 or (812)345-3790

Kathy L. Miles

EDP Workforce Development Committee

350 Harberson Lane, Danville, KY  40422

Phone (859)516-5384 or (859)236-8209