Henson says Biden should resign

Published 1:00 pm Friday, September 3, 2021

President Joe Biden should resign.  The horror to which he is subjecting American citizens left behind in Afghanistan by a totally inept, incredibly poorly planned withdrawal, is beyond belief.  In coming days there will be a bloodbath of Afghanis by the primitive, brutal, fanatical Taliban. There is a good chance we will see Americans taken as hostages by an unproductive regime that views women as property and whose primary means of support is selling heroin poppies and extortion.

The human cost will be staggering but this will have even more far-reaching consequences.  By leaving the Taliban billions of dollars in American weapons, night vision gear and Black Hawk helicopters, the Taliban terrorists are now one of the best equipped armies in the world.

As the Germans have said, this is the greatest failure of NATO in its history.  After a June meeting of NATO partners, where NATO coordination was claimed, Biden was AWOL to European allies during the fall of Kabul.  Instead, he was on vacation.

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America’s enemies from Iran to Russia to Communist China, are using this inept, disjointed collapse as propaganda to show that America is in decline and cannot be counted on if you are an American ally.

This comes on the heels of the sheer lawlessness of this President who, days after a majority opinion by the Supreme Court that he didn’t have the authority to extend the eviction moratorium – DID IT ANYWAY. This lawlessness is unprecedented and scarcely to be believed.

More lawlessness – the Supreme Court ruled that Biden must reinstate Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy – but there has been no movement to do so.  Drug cartels and human traffickers (which are one and the same) rule the Southern border.  America is on pace for a record 100,000 drug overdose deaths this year as deadly fentanyl and heroin flood across the open Southern border.

With all the incredible ineptness and weakness of the Biden Administration, the scariest thing of all right now is not Afghanistan, but Taiwan.  Will Communist China now see this as an opportunity to invade Taiwan while Biden is in office?  What would Biden do?  When the subject of a rising Communist Chinese threat came up, Biden dismissed it with “Aw, c’mon man”.

Biden has used bad judgment throughout the entire 45 years of his government career.  From counting long time Ku Klux Klansman member, Democratic Senator Robert Byrd as his mentor – to the hapless “imbecilic” (as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called it) chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden is leading us to the downfall of America as a respected world leader.

The world is an immensely dangerous place, made even more dangerous by a weak inept Biden.

Eben D. Henson