Hints from Heloise: No tobacco

Published 2:40 pm Monday, September 27, 2021

Today’s Sound Off is about dipping tobacco:

Dear Heloise: I recently went on a blind date with a nice-looking executive who was young and hardworking. So what’s the problem? He dips tobacco and carries around a “spit cup”! As a nurse, I find this to be a disgusting, unhygienic and dangerous habit.

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At the end of the evening he bent down to give me a light kiss, and I resisted by gently pushing him away. He asked what was wrong, and I told him the truth. I don’t like men who use tobacco in any form, but his dipping it and using a spit cup was the worst.

As a nurse in a hospital, I’ve seen too many cases of men who develop cancer of the mouth and tongue because they smoked or dipped. We lost a young man in his mid-20s who had been dipping snuff for 23 months. The cancer started in his mouth and spread until it killed him. The doctors wanted to remove a large section of his face, jaw and mouth, but he wouldn’t let them, until it was too late to save his life. Please warn your readers of this dangerous habit. It’s not cool or macho to dip or smoke, and women usually don’t like it when a man is holding a spit cup in his hand. — Hannah E., Oklahoma City

Hannah, thank you for your letter. Before anyone picks up a cigarette, cigar or dips snuff, ask yourself if your choice is really worth the danger involved. — Heloise



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Avoid these common makeup mistakes:

— Keep your eyes open when applying eyeliner.

— Always blend your makeup for a natural look.

— Use a foundation that matches your neck.

— Don’t overdraw your lips, and if you outline them, use a nude pencil.


Dear Heloise: I never throw away a shower curtain when it’s old. Instead, I wash it in my washing machine, fold and store it away. There are so many uses for an old shower curtain, but my favorites are to cover furniture when I paint a room, or cover the floor or patio when I spray paint old wicker chairs. I folded one into quarters and placed it under my dog as she gave birth to her pups.

You know the old saying … “Waste not, want not.” — Hazel F., Stanley, Idaho


Dear Heloise: My computer gets used a lot and also needs frequent cleaning. I’ve found that if I use an old but clean makeup brush, I can get into small places and get the dust out. Now that we are fighting a nasty virus, I also turn off my computer and take a disinfecting wipe and clean the mouse and keys. I’ve read that a computer mouse harbors a lot of germs. In fact, some studies say there are about 3,000 bacteria per square inch on your computer keys. — Linda S., Hammond, Louisiana

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