We have the right to make our own decisions

Published 11:30 am Monday, September 27, 2021

Reading today’s paper, one thing I agree with the doctor: the virus doesn’t need us!  I am not a doctor, like the doctor, only a college grad.  I can think for myself, as many other deplorable Americans have been during this pandemic.  “Never,” he wrote, “in the history of the United States has the population shunned vaccines which could expedite the return of our society back to normal.”  How many vaccines is that during our short history?

I got my vaccine soon after it came out, I was quarantined just two weeks ago, for 10 days.  I want to take the side of the unvaccinated, them who refuse to get it, and say, “Is this not the American way?”

During Obama’s reign it was declared that health care is a right. That may be somebody’s opinion –  it’s a right – but the constitution says nothing of the kind. In fact, if we want to look at what God has given, we can look at wildlife, in nature. Scientists like to say humans are animals.  According to their definition, we are animals.  Some disagree, and according to the constitution this is a God-given right; humans have souls, animals do not.  According to science, us being animals, in the wild, populations are managed by nature.  If a population gets too big…my cousin is being treated now for covid, and it was his right to not be vaccinated.  I don’t know his reasoning, but there are them who don’t want to get something so recently produced, so speedily!

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Some are pregnant, some have a weak immune system, some don’t like the government telling them they have to do this, with less than two years of proof that it is needed, and them in government keep changing their minds, on “new science.”

Good science requires a lot; in this case there have been a lot of cases empirically reviewed, but what about time?  Perhaps some of Hillary’s “deplorable” unvaccinated Americans would like more time, much more time,  and hope.  Kinda like when we get in a car we hope some drunk person doesn’t drive over the line, and ram us.

Jeffrey L. King