DHS student receives perfect ACT score, is National Merit semifinalist

Published 7:00 am Saturday, December 18, 2021

The Danville Independent Schools District wants to celebrate a Danville High School student who got a perfect score on the ACT last year, senior Emma Nesmith. She got a score of 36 during the spring when juniors took the ACT. Not only that, but she became a National Merit Semifinalist this fall! She qualified with her PSAT score, and she filled out an application to get to the next round. Later, she will know if she’s a finalist.

“I used some Khan academy and some free Kaplan Test Prep resources to study for the ACT,” Emma said. “I would say that the biggest problem I’ve always had, and that I think a lot of people have, is timing. So, my advice to my peers is to practice timed mini sections or a full timed test to get comfortable with the speed, and learn some strategies for managing your time during the test, because it can get very overwhelming when it’s actually happening, and you’ll feel better if you’ve practiced it.”

She’s excited about her accomplishments.

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“I’m my own biggest critic, and it’s validating to see that my hopes for myself weren’t unreasonably high, and to know that I am capable of achieving the things I expect of myself,” she said.