County officials remind citizens to plan ahead for the area’s first weather event of 2022 as winter storm watch is issued

Published 7:38 am Thursday, January 6, 2022

Boyle County Judge-Executive Howard Hunt is watching the approaching winter snowstorm and encourages citizens to stay aware of the approaching winter storm.  Snowfall is predicted to be between 2” and 5” with a potential of 3” to 8” just south of the Boyle County border.   “It’s just an estimate right now on how much snow we will receive,” said Judge Hunt.  “Be smart and prepare your household for a moderate amount of snow,” said Hunt.

“Storm predictions are that snow will arrive early Thursday morning and conclude around 7:00 a.m. on Friday morning followed by a day of frigid temperatures.   We do not anticipate any significant weather-related problems such as power outages, but every household should always be prepared for weather-related inconveniences,” said Brian Caldwell, Emergency Management Director.

Duane Campbell, road department supervisor said, “We are ready.  Our department has already dropped brine on our rural roads in anticipation of the storm.  As the snow starts to accumulate on Thursday, we will be out in the county, likely overnight.  The challenge will be the sharp drop in temperatures which are predicted to plummet overnight into the low teens or single digits on Thursday/Friday.   In this case, the salt will not work and motorists should be prepared for slick spots.”

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Boyle County Sheriff Derek Robbins added, “Drivers please give way to plows and snow removal equipment and use caution on the roads.  Treat them as you would emergency vehicles.  Allow extra time to arrive at your destination.   Keep your windows clear of snow and ice and keep a safe distance behind other vehicles.”

“The first winter weather event of the season always presents difficulties but we are ready to handle any situation that arises from this storm,” said Brian Caldwell, emergency management director.