Reader clarifies stance on removal of Confederate statue

Published 9:31 am Friday, January 7, 2022

Dear Editor,

My comments below are just to clarify a couple items in the previous letter to the editor regarding removal of the confederate statue from the property of The Presbyterian Church of Danville.

Not everybody in this church is ashamed of Robert Logan. Many did not want the statue moved.
The reference to the present pastor of the church is a SHE; not a HE. This should make no difference in the opinion of the writer of the previous letter. It’s something that writer just didn’t know.

Just as a side note, the canvas draped over the statue was done by Centre College students etal – not church members. The writer didn’t say or imply this; I’m only making a comment.

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The writer wondered what had happened to clear-headed thinking and let live attitude that we Kentuckians are noted for. Many folks, if not the majority, that objected to leaving the statue as is are not even Kentuckians. They know very little about Kentucky or its history nor do they seem to care.

The writer would have to ask the present pastor if she can preach the gospel better now that the statue is gone. I can’t answer that question.

There was a lot of money donated to the moving of the statue. It is thought that at least part of that money could have been better used to help the objectors understand how they came to have the freedoms to be so critical. Also, to teach them how to better deal with such emotions instead of removing those things they dislike.

I agree with the writer, Pamela M. Wolfe of Lancaster, KY.

Brenda D Mitchell
Danville, KY