Boyle County Public Record Jan. 26, 2022

Published 4:31 pm Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Public Record
Property Transfers
• John and Susan Ferguson to Jeffrey Rode and Maria Marowski, property on Lexington Avenue, $402,500.

• Blue Door Homes to Jonah Sidney Cline, property on Rolling Hills, $196,000.

• Emily Hulett, Jill and Jeffrey Delk, to Paige Christman Isenberg, property in Shelby Green Subdivision, $234,900.

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• Edward and Deborah McKinney, to Connie Estes Beale, property on O’Hair Drive, $260,000.

• Joseph and Michelle Gilbert to Jonathan Evans, property on St. Michael’s Crossing, $345,000.

• Richard and Marcia Reynolds to Jesse Johnson and Jessica Johnson, property in Boyle County, $190,000.

• Don Dotson and Joe and Nicole Dotson to Avah Banks, property in Shelby Heights, Junction City, $159,000.

• John and Cathy Grubbs and Pat and Morris Grubbs Jr. to John and Cathy Grubbs and Alyssa Fox, property on Baughman Avenue, $110,000.

• Latisha Milburn to James Furkin and Deshay Franklin, property in Boyle County, $226,500.

• Connie Beale to Thomas and Wendy Zumwalt, property on East Main Street, $370,000.

• Bradley and Mackenzie Dean and Joshua and Marissa Jewell, to Sean and Emily Schweichkardt, property in Boyle County, $25,000.

• Bradley and Mackenzie Dean and Joshua and Marissa Jewell, to Sean and Emily Schweichkardt, property on West Lexington Avenue, $225,000.

• Sue Richardson through Elizabeth Cook to 604 East Main Street LLC, property in Greenleaf Shopping Center, $235,000.

• 102 & 125 Circle Drive LLC, to Charles East and Patty East, property on Circle Drive, $106,000.

• Nina Kirkland to 714 East Main Street LLC, property on North Fifth Street, $70,000.

• Marin & Noel Land Company LLC to Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, property on Fourth Street and Figg Alley, $2 million.

• Vickie Gordon, William Gordon, and Dennis and Debra Gordon, to 421 & 425 N. Fifth Street LLC, property in West Danville, $30,000.

• J. Thomas and Susan Hensley to William T. Whitfield Trust, property at Bluegrass Chase Farm, $60,000.

• Scott and Lily Bell to Pinnacle Properties LLC, property on Second Street, in consideration for capital contribution.

• Walter Hopkins to Isaiah House, Inc., property in Clearview Subdivision, $290,000.

• Neal Farms to 4 Boards Renovations, property in Boyle County, $39,000.

• Cool Properties Inc. to Zahed Property Management LLC, property on Chestnut Street, $42,000.

• John and Brittany Crutchfield to Mark Cheatham, property in Minor Subdivision, $9,000.

• Colby and Joan Arnold to Frances Montgomery, Brandon Pingleton, and Regina and Trampas Montgomery, property in Boyle County, $400,000.

• Pamela Brown, and Jeffrey and Sandra Cummins to Larry and Jamie Young, property in Erskine Subdivision, $83,000.

• Danny and Gale Dalrymple to Dewell Pahl and Gina Long, property in Lakedale Subdivision, $125,000.