Henson says Durham reveals the real insurrection

Published 6:00 am Thursday, February 24, 2022

With last week’s latest filing of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation, we now know that the “Trump-Russia Collusion” accusation that the Nation endured for four years, was totally made-up fiction. Where did this made-up narrative come from? Indicted attorney Michael Sussman, who repeatedly billed – and was paid by – the Hillary Clinton campaign, was the seller of this narrative which he pedaled to the DOJ and the FBI. Sussmann lied when he portrayed himself as an independent concerned citizen – instead of the paid operative that he was.

Shockingly, even as early as 2016, Rodney Joffe, a technology specialist, who was paid by Sussmann and the Hillary campaign, was able to infiltrate the private servers of the elected President of the United States! They secretly plotted to establish a fictional narrative of Trump involvement with a Russian bank.

Why does this matter? First, if laws were broken, and they appear to be broken in spades, these people need to be prosecuted. Secondly, why were the heads of DOJ and the FBI so gullible that they could be so easily fooled? Or were they fooled? Were James Comey and Peter Strzok part of it? Stay tuned! The Durham investigation was set up so that it cannot be stopped by the Biden administration. Will current Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan come under indictment? He was the chief proponent of the planted Trump/Russia banking hoax.

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Thirdly, this speaks badly to the lack of curiosity by the mainstream press. Most Americans know that media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC are little more than leftist mouthpieces. Many consider CBS straight news – but when Trump was interviewed by 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl, he said “Leslie, they spied on my campaign”. Instead of asking something along the lines of “what makes you think that?”, Stahl said, “No, No they DIDN’T”. Well, Yes, Yes Leslie, they DID – and you just revealed your own close-minded bias.

Many on the left claim the January 6 riot at the Capital was “an insurrection”. It appears that the attempt to take down a sitting elected President by a political opponent by use of the DOJ, FBI, and a complicit media was the REAL Insurrection.

Eben D. Henson