Adams says 100,000 dead voters now off Kentucky election rolls

Published 5:00 pm Monday, February 28, 2022

Secretary of State Michael Adams is proud to announce that Kentucky has removed over 104,000 deceased voters in the first two years of his term of office. In January, yet again, more dead voters were removed (5,514) than new voters were added (3,736).

“My administration takes election integrity seriously,” said Adams. “I inherited wildly inflated voter rolls when I was sworn in two years ago, but today, Kentuckians can be confident in our election process.”

Overall, 3,736 voters were added in January, while 6,434 were removed – 5,514 deceased voters, 558 voters convicted of felonies, 304 who moved out of state, 37 who voluntarily de-registered, and 21 adjudged mentally incompetent.

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Democratic registration accounts for 45.6 percent of the electorate, 1,622,858 voters. Democratic registration declined by 3,416 in January, a 0.21 percent decrease. Republican registrants make up 44.8 percent, with 1,592,026 voters. Republican registration increased by 153 voters, a .01 percent increase. There were 340,131 voters registered outside the two major parties, 9.6 percent of the electorate. “Other” registrations increased by 575 voters, a 0.17 percent increase.

Adams is also asking voters to check their mailboxes for postcards sent by the State Board of Elections. As required by federal and state law, election officials are issuing correspondence to the nearly 400,000 voters on the state’s inactive voter list, to verify voters’ information and to facilitate the removal process for voters who moved out of state.