Public Record – March 3, 2022

Published 6:48 am Thursday, March 3, 2022

Property transfers filed recently in the Boyle County Clerk’s office

  • Marty and Shelli Clarkson to Natalie Vanarsdall, property in the Hunt Farm subdivision, $247,000.
  • Christina Sorrels to ARC-X Rentals LLC, property on West Lexington Avenue, $87,000.
  • Jody Mattingly and Stefanie Elam, as co-executrixes of the James L. Cutter estate, to Johnathon Blain McQuerry, tracts on Simpson Lane, $103,800.
  • William Wise to Joel Dorignac, property on Gwinn Island Road, $800,000.
  • Daniel W. Martt and Clay R. Cocanougher to Hoskins and Cundiff LLC, property on Dogwood Drive, $135,000.
  • Timothy A. Pence to Candace P. Purdom, property on Argyll Woods Drive, $189,000.
  • Gary J. Vandeventer and Darian L. Vandeventer to Derrick Moore, two tracts in Mitchellsburg, $140,000.
  • Bonnie Westerfield to Dwayne and Roberta Shelton, about five acres on Baughman Avenue, $277,000.
  • Neal Farms LLC to William J. Faulconer, 6.77 acres in Boyle County, $48,790.
  • David C. and Dawn E. Camic to Anna Jayne, property on Shawnee Road, $190,500.
  • Phyllis Hartley to Jacob A. Miller, property in Spring Hill subdivision, $170,000.
  • Grabruck Meadows LLC to Drew and Caroline Thomason, lot in Williamsburg Village, $55,000.
  • Michael D. Voss, as executor of the David E. Voss estate, to James S. Gardner, property on Kendall Drive, $215,000.
  • Dakota B. and Jessica M. Smallwood to Siloview Properties, LLC, tract on Parksville Crosspike, property transfer, value not listed.
  • James Benge to Michael Bell and Debbie Stamper, property on Seminole Trail, gift; fair cash value, $50,000.
  • Justin D. Johnson, as executor of the June Adams estate, to Rebuilt Realty LLC, property on Perkins Avenue, $100,000.
  • Rebuilt Realty LLC to Watts Investments, property on Perkins Avenue, $120,000.
  • Phillip Deal to Krystal A. K. Shalhoub, about five acres in Boyle County, gift; fair market value, $180,000.
  • Ezra S. Potts to B.J. Price, property on Herrington Lake, $64,200.
  • Michael J. Lane, as executor of the James Milton Lane estate, to Charles Land, about one acre on U.S. 150, $72,000.
  • Thad J. and Jane C. Overmyer to Overmyer Oak LLC, two parcels on Larrimore Lane, capital contribution; fair market values, $200,000 and $75,000.
  • Greg M. Wright to Emily Hulett, 1.08 acres on Whites Ridge Road, $189,900.
  • James K. Hagan and Nancy Sandusky to Elias J. and Leeanna B. Delbridge, property in Harmon Heights subdivision, $226,900.
  • Marlin K. and Dreama Sparks to Melissa J. Carrier, one-third interest in property in Wilderness Trace Townhouses, gift; fair cash value, $433,333.33.
  • James and Kelli Murphy to 332 North East Street LLC, property on Lisa Drive, $115,000.