Perryville Road customers to be affected by waterline maintenance

Published 5:30 pm Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Beginning this week, City of Danville Utility Personnel will begin implementing a specialized machine that allows the exercise of critical transmission and distribution waterline valves.

Areas of focus are Perryville Road in Danville, extending to the City of Perryville. Customers may experience short-term water pressure reduction or discolored water in areas where the valve program is being implemented.

Regular valve exercising is part of the City of Danville’s Annual Utilities Operation and Maintenance Plan, to maintain each valve’s useful-life and safety of operation. This program also identifies those valves that may require future replacement. Operable waterline valves are imperative to reduce water loss during line breaks and to allow system isolation during  needed repairs in efforts to maintain customer service.

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Customers that experience low water pressure or discolored water for extended periods of time are encouraged to contact the City of Danville Water Office (859) 238-1200.